Curriculum Vitae


Corporate Development - Strategic Planning Organizational Development - International Business Expertise

A visionary, decisive leader who builds and excels when high-performance is demanded. Innovative and quality driven professional offering excellent interpersonal skills. Significant achievements in rollups and turnaround's in diverse industries and multi-national settings.

Demonstrated abilities encompassing the following areas:

  • Strategic Alliances
  • Business Planning/Coaching
  • Market Development
  • New Business Development
  • Cross-Culture Communications
  • Joint Ventures
  • Organizational Development
  • P&L Business Leadership

Creative/Innovative Leadership:

Directed the task force for REST to develop automated shelf level retail pricing display system by building an advisory team from 14 of the largest potential customers for this system and extracting a wish list and price point.
Result: brought the product to market and booked $65MM in orders in the first six months of sales.

Team Leadership/Business Development:

Headed the business development team of Unefi to build a highly trained and skilled organization of telecommunication installation teams by recruiting early retired executives from the old Bell system and challenging them to recreate the installation division of the old Western Electric.

Results: company grew rapidly exceeding $9.6MM in revenue in eight months, with an additional $8MM in booked contracts in this same time period.

Company Turnaround / Reengineering Process:

Turned around Pacific Inter Tel from a company with consistently declining revenue into a rapidly expanding and highly profitable operation by researching all competitors and prospective customers, developing a plan on gaining customer recognition and growing the company rapidly.

Results: within eighteen months, grew revenue from less than $2MM to over $18MM, had one of the highest quality records of all our competitors, created five new regional profit centers.

Creative / Innovative / Resourceful Thinking:

Reorganized Greystone to save it from going out of business due to legislative changes by thoroughly analyzing what assets existed, researching how other businesses with similar assets created value, developing a new business model. Results: revenue increased 21% to $7.5MM annually generating expansion of additional offices.

New Business Development:

Expanded customer base by careful analysis with our CFO focusing on getting 100’s of new small customers, motivating the sales reps into going after new clients or lose our business.

Results: in two years we had reduced the major client from 67% of our revenue to 39% and increased our total revenue by 38% to over $120 MM.

Team Building / Organizational Development:

Managed a new division for Pacific Inter Tel by building and training teams in five regions that could pass all requirements. Results: increased revenue by $16MM annually and served as a benchmark for other divisions.


Directed task force researching the losses of the maintenance division, then introduced a new structure to the organization.

Result: Reduced overhead of the division by 87%, in one year went from losing money to generating over $900K in profit.


9 Figure Company LLC - We Help Passionate CEO’s Achieve Rapid Growth While Maintaining High Profits Faster Than They Realize Is Possible. (2012 – Present)

9 Figure Company has been created to help entrepreneurs globally achieve massive success in building their companies by providing the experience, knowledge and wisdom learned from over 40 years of founding, building and turning around companies.

Created five training courses and six programs to help entrepreneurs learn how to rapidly grow their companies and be highly profitable.

Author of: Raise Capital Quickly, The Secrets to Scaling Your Company currently completing  You Can Build A $100 Million Company – With Lessons from 15 Founders of $100+ Million Companies

SAIS Inc. (1982 – 1986)

Acquired 17 patents and built a precision machine product line and a plastics line to sell into the Automotive After Market

Aggressive Marketing (1974 – 1981)

Started as a toy import company and due to quality issues I acquired a manufacturer in Korea.  In seven years scaled this company to over $12 million in revenue.  A new product we introduced became a big hit which resulted in an acquisition offer that could not be turned down.  This experience launched my career into building and selling companies.

With more than 40 years' experience building rapid growth companies we are giving back to the entrepreneurial community by sharing our experience, knowledge and wisdom to help entrepreneurs achieve the success they deserve.

It is only when a company exceeds $100 million in annual revenue that the founder(s) will have the real freedom that they desire which is why they went into business in the first place. Often we hear Founders say, if I can make $5M, $10M, $20M in revenue I will be set for life. Their intentions are on the correct path but the real number they need to aim for is $100 Million. It is at this level of revenue that you achieve real freedom. This is when you will no longer have management stress, business financial stress, freedom to take a months' vacation and know the company will be doing better than when you left and of course you will have personal financial freedom.

When you cross this tipping point your whole business life changes and it changes massively for the better. The sooner you set your sights on the goal of exceeding $100 Million in annual revenue with 20%  Net Profit, the sooner you will get there.

What most business owners don't understand is in many cases this can be accomplished in less than eight years . Our goal is to inspire Founders to set their sights beyond $100 Million so they can achieve the real freedom they are seeking.



Maximize Management, Inc. (2001 – 2011)

Recruited by M&A firm to evaluate operations and recommend turnaround strategies for under performing companies. Conduct research, develop business plans and provide executive management services.


BP International, Inc.(2005 – 2007)

Turned this public company from losing $400K a month to profitability in 6 months and increased gross margin across all product lines to 45%+ in one year. Recruited new management team, re-organized company and implemented cost accounting, quality assurance, processes and controls all of which added to the bottom line. Instigated and sold the company for the benefit of shareholders.


Unefi, Inc. (1999 – 2001)

Built startup to $800K+-per-month revenue with 40%+ gross margin and 134 staff in 8 months set new standard for highest quality ever achieved for key vendor. Certified by SBC, Lucent, A T &T, Ciena, and others.  Positioned the company for acquisition and sold it in 2001.

President, Board Member

Pacific InterTel (1997 – 1999)

Managed full P&L; built solid management infrastructure by recruiting and training top-flight team. Created and launched targeted marketing programs that increased account base from 1 to 21 telephone companies. Recruited, hired, and trained staff to support rapid corporate growth; grew from 46 to 250+ employees.

Professional Development

Leadership Business Council – Quarterly Workshops
Turnaround Management Association – Continuing Education Annually
Corporate Governance: Best Practices – Forum for Corporate Directors Annually
Management/Leadership – numerous courses including Dale Carnegie & Fred Pryor
Finance/Accounting – numerous courses including Fred Pryor
Marketing/Sales Seminars – numerous seminars including Success Motivational International